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Cree School Board 2016-2021 Strategic Action Plan

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The Cree School Board is very pleased to announce the launch of the Cree School Board 2016-2021 Strategic Action Plan.

Our new Plan is titled: Our Journey Towards Student Success. Our 2016-2021 Strategic Action Plan provides us with a vision for future success, and a realistic “game plan” to move ahead with confidence over the next five years. The plan outlines four Strategic Themes the Cree School Board will focus on for the next five years.

  1. Educational Success
  2. Student, Parent and Community Engagement
  3. Qualified, Competent, and Engaged Staff
  4. Organizational Behaviour and Effectiveness

You can view the pdf 2016-2021 Strategic Plan report in PDF format here (6.01 MB) .
pdf Cree version (6.15 MB)   /  pdf French version (5.92 MB)