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Participants Needed for Adult Education Research Interviews

Participants Needed for ALNA

It is an exciting time for capacity building and continuing education in the Cree Nation. The Cree School Board’s Sabtuan Adult Education Services (SAES) knows it has a significant role to play in the Cree Nation’s future. We are determined to offer the right programs and services to enable the success of each community.

This is the reason behind SAES’ major consultation– the Adult Learning Needs Assessment (ALNA). Through the ALNA, SAES is collecting experiences, opinions, and ideas directly from the communities to build local adult education and training strategies.

After completing the first phase of the ALNA and collecting surveys from 3,068 community members, SAES is now seeking participants for research interviews in each community. Interviews are less than one-hour and participants will receive $50 in compensation.

If you match the following profile, we invite you to sign up for a research interview:

Community members aged 20 to 35
Community member who has attended adult education in the past 5 years

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Preliminary Adult Learning Needs Assessment Findings

At the Summit for Capacity Building for the Cree Nation, Director of Adult Education Nian Matoush shared preliminary results from the ALNA surveys, which were conducted earlier this year.

Highlights included:

  • 86% of survey respondents said they would consider going back to school.
  • 62% of people said getting a diploma would motivate them to go back to school. Other leading factors are encouragement from family and friends (36%) and getting the qualifications for career advancement (33%).
  • Cree Language, Traditional Knowledge & Skills, and Cree Culture & History were the top three program choices across all communities. Starting a Business was ranked number four.

Matoush was joined at the Summit by Louisa Saganash of Apatisiiwin Skills Development, who offered employment data from the Cree Employment Needs Assessment (CENA). ALNA reports will also include data from the CENA ensuring solutions are targeted to capacity building needs. 

Along with regional data, Matoush and Saganash shared program preferences and top employment needs for each individual community. 

“One of the most powerful things about this project is that we are taking a community-first approach,” said Matoush. “We understand each community has unique realities, and we want to consider those when developing our strategies.”

Sabtuan Adult Education Services looks forward to sharing the results of the ALNA once the research interviews are completed.

The Cree School Board would like to thank all of those participated in the ALNA surveys. We encourage community members aged 20 to 35 to participate in the qualitative interviews. For more information or to schedule your interview, click here.