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Students run, walk, ride, and roll for Terry Fox

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"I just wish people would realize that anything's possible if you try." Students took those words from Terry Fox to heart, and raised more than $11,000 in this year's runs and walks around their communities.  

In Waswanipi, on October 3, 2019, students from all three schools (Willie J. Happyjack Memorial School, Rainbow Elementary and Jolina Gull-Blacksmith Preschool) raised $4,500 for the Terry Fox Foundation. The hour-long walk took the students about 2 3/4 kilometres and was assisted by the local police and fire departments. 

School administrators Judith Michel and Robert Laperle each took seven cream pies in the face from the students who raised the most money. 

Terry Fox Event 1

In Ouje-Bougoumou, Waapitiiwewan students beat their goal of $400 by raising $450, and, despite the rain, completed their walk. Organizers reported that participation and enthusiasm was "great." 

Students in Waskaganish also surpassed their goal. They had hoped to raise $1500 and instead raised more than $2600.

The reward for students raising more than the goal was that they had the opportunity to duct tape Principal Shaun McMahon to the wall. In addition, the local grocery store donated snacks and waters for the event.

Students in other communities also ran, walked, biked, and skateboarded in the name of Terry Fox, raising money, awareness and team spirit. In Mistissini, 54 Pre-K, elementary and secondary school students took part in the event on the afternoon of October 9. They also sold t-shirts ahead of the walk to help raise funds! The idea of holding a Terry Fox Run/Walk was brought to the school by student Anthony Rombotis several years ago. His mother, teacher Jacqueline Quinn, tells the story like this: 

Years ago, Anthony and I were exploring Ottawa when he saw the Terry Fox statue and asked who he was. He was so moved by Terry’s dream and wanted to help raise money for cancer research that he asked me to help him bring this event to our school. “Please mommy, can you start a committee.” I told him it was done many years ago but we would try again. I am so thankful to my friend/colleague Elizabeth Cox who has helped me from day one. 🙏😊This will be Anthony’s last VMS Terry Fox school walk since next year he will go out to school. ☺️So bittersweet thinking back to that second grader with big eyes and who was so excited to start this mission. Now in 6th grade and in his final year of elementary.

Terry Fox Event 2

He and his cousin Audrey held the flag to start the walk. 


Terry Fox was a Canadian athlete who decided to run across Canada in 1980 after having a leg amputated due to cancer. He wanted to raise awareness and money for cancer research. He died on June 28, 1981.

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