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Sharing the love

Sharing the Love

School administrators are busy planning activities and organizing snacks to mark one of the most significant weeks of the year in our schools. 

Teacher Appreciation Week runs from February 3 to 9, 2019.

Director General Abraham Jolly joined Chairperson Sarah Pash to offer their thanks to teachers in the Board. 

Learning from the Caribou

Learning from the Caribou

There were smiles all 'round in Chisasibi as elders and students engaged and connected over caribou, expanding their language, knowledge, and skills.

Secondary 5 students spent five days learning how to harvest caribou . . . starting from the initial kill to the final products - the meat, the hide, and the bone. Students also learned the proper Cree terms for everything Caribou and reinforced the Cree values of respect - for the entirety of the animal - and sharing - through learning how to store, distribute, and cook  caribou.   

Fair season for careers

Fair Season for Careers

They approach our booth gently, unsure of where, in fact, the Cree School Board is located, and if, indeed, one has to speak French to work with us. The graduating teachers at the career fair are quickly assured that the Cree School Board is accessible by road (mostly) and that we are a trilingual board of education – so English, French, or Cree are acceptable.

Then they hear about our unique environment: the climate, the culture, the landscape, and the opportunities offered by the Cree School Board. Their eyes light up with the thought of adventure and meaningful work.

This is usually the way the interaction begins during Career Fair Season for the Cree School Board. This month alone, our principals, CEAs, and Human Resources staff will attend a dozen Education Career Fairs spanning three provinces.

Schools celebrate Christmas

School Celebrate Christmas

Family, friends, children, music, goodwill, and cheer. Hundreds of students took part in celebrations of Christmas at each of our schools this week, ahead of the Christmas Break.

CSB Chair addresses national justice conference

National Justice Conference

CSB Chairperson Sarah Pash spoke candidly about the work still needed on behalf of education systems to create safe communities as she introduced the third day of a national conference, Indigenous People’s Justice: Reconciliation and Capacity Building, being held December 4-6, 2018 at Hilton Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, QC.