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SAES, Apatisiiwin launch Facebook Groups

Facebook Group multi 2

The Cree School Board’s Sabtuan Adult Education Services (SAES), together with Apatisiiwin Skills Development (ASD), recently launched “Job, Training, and Adult Education” Facebook groups in each of the nine Cree communities.

CSB nurtures Cree language and culture

GVC Culture Lang Engagement

The Cree School Board today welcomed 168 educators to its second annual language and culture engagement session in Wemindji.

The iiyiyiu/iinuu ayimuuwimn and iituwin Engagement Session 2019 is a chance for all classroom educators to experience hands-on learning, to share best practices, and to kindle enthusiasm for Cree culture and language.

Commissioners sworn into office

Commissionners Sworns

Elected officials, including two new commissioners, were formally sworn in to office by Secretary General Doreen Blackned at the meeting of the Council of Commissioners in Gatineau September 10-12, 2019.