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2016-2021 Strategic Action Plan

Now in Cree and French

Last December, we launched the Cree School Board 2016-2021 Strategic Action Plan and posted it online to our website where it is easily accessible for all. The plan outlines the four strategic themes we will work on for the next five years with a focus on student success.

We are pleased to make it more widely available to all of our readers by providing Cree and French language translations.

You can view the plan in pdf Cree [PDF format here] (6.15 MB)
or pdf French [PDF format here] (5.92 MB) .

Congratulations Graduates!


Cree School Board is proud to announce 10 new youth sector graduates from the January and April exam retakes

Many of our students are only 1 exam or 1 credit shy of receiving their secondary school diplomas. Students succeed with support from their teachers and parents, but the bulk of their success comes from their own hard work and determination

Career Fair / Recruitment 2017

CSB Recrut Event 2017 03 thIn keeping with our commitment to a well-educated and successful Cree Nation through inspired teaching and valued learning, we organized a Career Fair on March 23-24, 2017 at the Delta Hotel in Montreal.

New Program in Whapmagoostui

Carpentry Whapmagoostui March 2017 thWork-study cooperative approach

In March, a group of 15 students began their professional training in the Carpentry program using a new pedagogical approach.

For the first time, this 1,350 hours training program will be spread over 4 or 5 years. The aim is to allow students to alternate between traditional class instruction and practical work on a construction site.

Recruitment - Cree Language Teacher

Cree Language Teacher Nemaska March 2017 Deadline Extended

The Cree School Board invites passionate teacher to apply for the position of Cree Language Teacher for Sabtuan Adult Education Services in Nemaska

The new deadline for applications is April 11. For further details, please see the following link.

Launch of an Online Survey

General Ed Students Survey March 2017Because Your Voice Counts!

The Department of Adult General Education invites its students to complete this new online survey.
Your opinion counts for Sabtuan Adult Education Services and your comments will help us to better serve you.

Start now by following this link.

Recruitment - English Upgrading Teacher

English Upgrading Teacher Ouje Bougamau March 2017The Cree School Board invites qualified teachers to apply for the position of English Upgrading Teacher for Sabtuan Adult Education Services in Ouje-Bougoumou. The deadline for applications is May 1st . For more information, please visit this link.