Preparation Checklist

This checklist is intended to help future students prepare for their journey to post-secondary education.

1. I’m ready to go to Cegep/college or university
  • Researched programs of studies aligned with my educational and career plan.

  • Researched educational institutions that offer the program(s) that are in line with my educational and career plan.

  • Applied for admission to my program choice(s) at the educational institution(s).

  • Found out the requirements to apply for Financial/Educational Assistance at CSB-PSSS.
    Details here.
  • Gathered the required documents to support my Application for Financial/Educational Assistance at CSB-PSSS:
    • A handwritten letter (blue or black pen) describing my educational plans & career goals.  
    • Birth certificate(s) (mine and dependents – child or spouse)
    • Previous academic records (high school & others)
    • Latest MELS or OSSD transcripts of marks
    • Copy of the application to the educational institution(s)
    • Acceptance letter from the educational institution(s) – as soon as I receive them.
  • Applied for Financial / Educational Assistance at CSB-PSSS (before March 1st / October 1st) and attached the required documents to support my application.
  • Sent any missing document(s) to CSB-PSSS before April 1st (November 1st for Winter semester) to ensure that my application is considered.
  • Read all communications received from CSB-PSSS. 
2. I have been accepted at an educational institution AND approved for financial/educational sponsorship by CSB-PSSS
  • Know my budget.
  • Apartment hunting time. Understand my rights and responsibilities as a tenant  before I sign a lease for an apartment:
  • Submit my Travel and/or Moving Request for Start of School to CSB-PSSS (C/O. Sally Trapper – PSSS Montréal).
  • Leave my community and travel to my place of studies.  I must follow the approved travel itinerary from CSB-PSSS.
  • Find temporary lodging, if needed (friends, family, bed & breakfast, youth hostel).
  • Attend any orientation sessions provided by my educational institution and CSB-PSSS.
    Orientation sessions will help me learn about my school and services offered.
    Orientation/information sessions will help me learn about the services of CSB-PSSS.
  • Student Affairs Technicians from CSB-PSSS are available to assist me in the transition from my community to my place of study.