Community Development

Community Services

Learning transforms the lives of individuals and society. At SAES, we believe strongly in lifelong learning, which is defined as learning that occurs anytime throughout a person's life, regardless of their age or background. And because education is the key to building a strong nation, we invite you to become active and contributing members of your community by learning new skills you can use at home and at work.

Some examples are:

Learning for personal development


  • Basic Computer Skills for First-Time Users
    Computers can be helpful in our everyday life. Learn the basics of working with a computer.
  • How to Use the Internet as an Educational Tool
    Internet can be use in multiple ways. Use it as an educational tool.
  • How to Use Social Media Applications
    Connect with others to share information, pictures, news and videos. Discover how.

Family Wellness

  • Get Ready for School Now!
    Learn how to prepare your preschooler for kindergarten with stories and song. 
  • School success at home.
    Feeling challenged by homework and want to make sure your child continues to do well at school? This course is designed to support families with school-age children between 5 and 16.