Human Resources


HR-LogoThe HR Department aims to attract, develop and retain the most talented and qualified employees for the CSB.

It provides quality services to managers as well as teaching, professional and support staff in order to improve their daily life at work and indirectly promote school success for all students.

The HR Department assists the school administrators, departmental directors as well as all other employees of the CSB in various areas.

Its major areas of responsibility include:

  • developing and implementing HR programs in support of the CSB achieving its mission, vision and goals, such as Performance Management.
  • participating in the negotiation of collective agreements.
  • assisting all employees with the interpretation and daily application of collective agreements and regulations pertaining to working conditions.
  • advising administrators on various matters pertaining to the management of personnel (recruitment, retention, supervision, interpretation and application of policies, recognition, etc.). 

For information or questions pertaining to all matters related to Human Resources, contact a Human Resources Advisor:

Tel: 418-923-2764
Fax: 418-923-2073
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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