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The Cree School Board would like to remind schools, parents and students of the importance of practicing good safety habits. Increased traffic in and around the school zone means anyone who drives, rides or walks to school needs to be extra vigilant. Do you drive your child to and from school? Does your child take their bike to school? 

Learn about safety together as a family

Slow School Zone Sign
  • Respect the speed limit for school zones.
  • Respect the student pick-up and drop-off zones as indicated.
  • Drivers should always be aware of pedestrians, bikes and other vehicles. Make it a habit to follow traffic circulation. Remember to stop, look, and go – only once the way is clear.
No bike sign
  • While bicycling is encouraged as a good form of exercise, remind your child that bicycles are not permitted to circulate on school grounds.
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  • Riding a bicycle is fun, but injuries are common and can even be fatal.
  • You can help reduce injuries by outfitting your child with the right gear. Bike helmets make good sense. Think about it; boating requires wearing a life jacket, world-class cyclists wear safety helmets, as do hockey, football and baseball players!
  • You can find out how to choose the right helmet for your child here.

For more information on the rules for safe bicycle riding, visit The Cree School Board wishes everyone a safe and successful school year!