Office of the Deputy Director General (Pedagogical)

The Deputy Director General (Pedagogical) assists the Director General in his functions and assignments as well as supervises the board-wide pedagogical activities of the organization.

The Deputy Director General (Pedagogical) is the primary pedagogical leader for the Youth Sector of the Cree School Board. The DDG’s primary responsibility is the development, implementation and monitoring of the CSB youth sector strategic plan and its subsequent action plans (youth sector departmental plans and local school improvement plans). He also oversees and provides guidance to the School Operations and Education Services departments: Three key youth sector departments responsible for over 4000 students from Pre-K to Secondary 5.

The vision and leadership of the Deputy Director General (Pedagogical) is expected to result in continuous school improvement, annual gains in student achievement and overall operational effectiveness. In alignment with the CSB strategic action plan (5 year plan), he leads the development and execution of the multi-year youth action plan, which provides a clear pedagogical direction for the youth sector.

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