Guidance Counselor

The main concern of the Guidance Counselor is the educational environment and success of each individual student, particularly at the secondary level. The Guidance Counselor must be available to the student in order to provide academic, vocational and Guidance counseling whereby the student may continue to effectively pursue his or her educational and career goals.

Under the supervision of the School Principal, the Guidance Counselor is responsible for:

  • All academic, vocational and personal/social counseling (particularly with students at the secondary level).
  • Providing current information to students on the following topics: MELS secondary school accreditation; cégep; professional and university requirements; personal/social development issues (self-esteem, etc...).
  • Providing life-skills workshops on topics such as: job training; career profiles; application process; southern lifestyle preparation, etc.
  • Organization and implementation of an annual Post-Secondary orientation trip for current Secondary V students.
  • Ensuring that ( in conjunction with the Secondary VP) all student cumulative files are kept up-to-date, and all courses/credits are correctly represented on school and MELS transcripts.
  • Acting as a resource person to advise Student Services in their work with students.
  • Participation in case studies within a multi disciplinary team.
  • Acting as a resource person to teachers in the domain of personal and social development, and career choice education.
  • Counseling students and providing information to other community members on Post-Secondary application procedures and deadlines (for cégep’s and funding programs).
  • Standardized psycho-metric and psychological testing.
  • Acting as a liaison for student referrals for Special Education and other professional services.
  • Other duties assigned by the School Principal relating to Guidance Counseling.

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