Principal and Vice-Principal

Principal's responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Director of School Operations, the School Principal acts as the Chief Pedagogical Officer of the Board in the community.

  1. Ensures regular cycle team meetings with common process and procedures, using a PLC approach.
  2. Conducts weekly walkthroughs in every classroom to monitor instructional practices.
  3. Keeps focus on improving school and classroom practices to increase student achievement. Ensures that all staff implements Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC) with consistency and uses Classroom Instruction that Works (CITW) strategies.
  4. Holds regular leadership team meetings to lead the school toward increased student achievement.
  5. Implements School Improvement Initiatives with consistency (Continuous Improvement Process).
  6. Develops and implements a professional development plan for all staff aligned to the LSIP.
  7. Uses data to inform school, cycle, and classroom practices to increase student achievement.
  8. Establishes and implement systems of communication with staff.
  9. Requests for a school closing with the Director of School Operations.
  10. Administers the teachers' collective agreement in the school and if necessary imposes disciplinary measures, including suspension in view of dismissal, but excluding suspension, dismissal or non-re-engagement.
  11. Supervises the preparation of a proposed local personnel plan relating to teachers and forwards this to the Director of School Operations for review and submission to the Council.
  12. Replaces the Community Education Administrator when that person is absent from the community or is unable to carry out the duties of the position.

Principals Contacts Directory

Vice-Principal's responsibilities

The Vice-Principal shares many of the same responsibilities as the Principal. When the Principal is absent, the Vice-Principal fills in.

Vice-Principals Contacts Directory