Student Affairs Technician (SAT)

The main concern of the Student Affairs Technician (SAT) is the well-being of each individual student. The SAT must work closely with each individual student in order to make him or her feel as comfortable as possible in his or her educational environment. The SAT has responsibilities and duties in the following areas.

Relationship with the School Administrator

  • Reports directly to the School Principal on all pedagogical matters.
  • Presents to the teaching staff an awareness report on the responsibilities and functions of the SAT
  • Provides a current list of students in school who are under his or her responsibility.
  • Assists the administration in meetings with students, parents and guardians and provides follow-up for ongoing cases.
  • Directs any information concerning student absences exceeding one week to the Administrative Technician.
  • In cases of injury, may escort students to the clinic and informs parents accordingly.

The Boarding Home Program

  • Reports directly to the CEA on all boarding home issues.
  • Is responsible for the selection and supervision of placement and for boarding parent's orientation (on school policies and regulations) for all students under his or her care.
  • Provides regular reports concerning attendance, policies and discipline in discussions with boarding home parents.
  • Provides a current list of boarding home parents for monthly payments and current lists of students for student allowance to the Student Services secretary.

NOTE: The SAT will not be responsible for paper work related to the issuing of payments for Room and Board, student clothing, and activity allowances, etc. This will be done by the Student Services secretary.

The Recreation Program

The SAT is the liaison between the School and the Band's Recreation Department for all students under his or her care.

  • Informs the Recreation Department of student's eligibility for participation in all community sporting activities and provisions under the school calendar.
  • Familiarizes parents with the School Policies and Regulations concerning the agreement between the parents and the School.
  • Ensures reports are made on student's attendance and behaviour, in relation to outings, and presents the reports to both the Administration and the teachers concerned.
  • Encourages and organizes sporting activities, field trips, inter-school sports and general activities for students under his or her care.


  • Is responsible for seasonal transportation of inter-community students under the Boarding Home program.
  • Submits a list of off-reserve students who require transportation to the Coordinator of Student Services.

Information & Referral Services

  • Acts as liaison, along with the Guidance Counselor, between the school administration and local and outside support services.
  • Assists students in locating information and referral programs on career referrals, drug and alcohol education, and sexuality information.
  • Participates in case studies within a multi-disciplinary team.

Orientation Programs

  • Assists in organizing a cultural orientation program for teachers.
  • Assists in organizing the school student exchange program.


  • Assists the school Guidance Counselor when required, e.g. as translator for students or parents, etc.
  • Provides general consultation on academic, career, family adjustment, personal identity, financial concerns for all students under his or her care.


  • May be required to perform other related duties not specified in the preceding points and other assignments deemed necessary by the Regional Office Student Services or the school administration.

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